Compulsory education


Primary school

Primary school consists of eight academic years for children aged between 4 and 11.  

Secondary school

Secondary education, the next three years, which is open to all children aged between 12 and 15, represents the last phase of compulsory education.

It teaches a general curriculum and paves the way for post-compulsory courses: école de maturité (grammar school/high school, leading to the federal certificate), écoles de culture générale et de commerce (high schools providing general studies) or école professionnelle (vocational school offering course-based or company-based training).

Support of non French-speaking students

Non French-speaking students are offered different types of structures and cares to make integration easier in public schools of the canton:

School hosting

The choice of a school to host a new student depends on the place of residence.

Before attributing a specific level and course of study, the following parameters have to be taken into account:

More information and examples of exams can be found here :

Other services in public schools

The following services are offered (free of charge) as part of public schooling :

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