Information videos on compensation

To get information on unemployment insurance benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible, we created four short films that summarise the bulk of the information.

Conditions to qualify for unemployment benefits

This video looks at the role of the cantonal unemployment compensation fund (CCh) as part of the system governing unemployment insurance, in particular what are the conditions to qualify for unemployment benefits (IC).

Calculation of unemployment benefits

This video explains how your unemployment benefits are calculated based on your insured income, your personal situation and the number of working days in the month.

Calculation of the benefit duration

In this video, you will find out how the benefit duration is calculated based on the number of months of contributions and your personal situation. You will also receive explanations about the framework period and wait times.

Insured Person Details (IPA)

In order to receive your unemployment benefits, you must transfer the IPA form to the CCh agency closest to your home.  This video shows you how to complete it by detailing each issue.

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